Base Building Upgrades

WPP Grey Group

Location 200 5th Ave, New York, NY

JRM Construction Management completed an elegant new roof deck for the Grey Group, a leading global marketing and advertising agency under the WPP umbrella. The goal of the new space was to create a hybrid work area and fully equipped entertainment space atop Grey Group’s offices at 200 5th Avenue. The new roof deck is used for collaborative workshops, high-profile events, and launch parties.

The rooftop features three unique zones, including the pavilion, the terrace, and the annex, all of which are interconnected by a half-height enclosure designed with a perimeter of planters and benches.

The centerpiece pavilion features a 14 ft-high steel pergola with ipé wood louvers to shade the open seating area below opposite new bleacher-style seating. At the pergola’s base is a 60 ft-long counter that contains integrated lighting and a large projection screen with full AV to showcase the firm’s advertising reels and content.

The terrace area is a hybrid amphitheater-style space with bleachers and a stage to host launch events and view performances. The final zone, known as the annex, features festive wall coverings, a covered meeting space, restrooms, and storage areas.

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