Base Building Upgrades

DHL Distribution Facility

Location 501 10th Ave, New York, NY

JRM Construction Management completed a 5-floor renovation of the DHL Distribution Facility at 501 10th Avenue. The project scope at the 6-story building included structural upgrades to enlarge all five street-level entrances for tractor-trailer access along with full underground removal of 20 buried old fuel storage tanks and remediation of soil (DEP).

A 30’ x 30’ slab opening from the ground floor to the 5th floor was created for vertical conveyor systems allowing for package distribution to delivery trucks located on the 2nd thru 5th floors.

Additionally, JRM lead abated the ground thru 5th floors by sandblasting at the start of the project. Structural vehicle ramps were installed from floor to floor to accommodate truck access thru the 5th floor.

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