Base Building Upgrades

U.S. Bank Tower

Location U.S. Bank Tower, 633 West 5th St, Los Angeles, CA

JRM Construction West recently executed a challenging project for Silverstein Properties, which involved the removal of an outdoor sky-slide attraction from the U.S. Bank Tower. JRM worked closely with Silverstein and their consultants to develop various strategies for removing the slide located on the 69th and 70th floors.

JRM provided cost iterations throughout the process to value engineer the removal, ensuring a cost-effective, safe, and efficient solution. To gain approval for the project, JRM worked with expeditors and lobbyists to present the project to the inspection and permitting authorities of the city of Los Angeles for review.

After gaining city approval, JRM erected scaffolding from the 61st floor roof set back to the 69th floor to provide a working platform. The scaffold was then cantilevered to the terrace on the 69th floor to extend the work platform.

Before initiating the removal, JRM conducted destructive laboratory testing of the slide glass to prove the demo strategy. After removal, the building envelope was then fully restored.

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