Core & Shell

Dumbo Heights

LEED Certified Base Building Upgrades

Location 117 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY

Location 77 Sands St, Brooklyn, NY

Location 55 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY

Location 81 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY

Project Size 1,200,000 SF

JRM Construction Management worked with the Spector Group Architects to redevelop the building bases and core areas for RFR at Dumbo Heights. The 1,200,000 SF, $93 Million LEED certified project consisted of five separate buildings all interconnected with skybridges at the 5th & 6th floor levels. JRM installed all new infrastructure and heating & cooling plants for each property. The electrical services were reinforced to accommodate tenants in need of office space. This project included new core spaces that house MEP systems in addition to new elevator
requirements and new base building lavatories. Additional work included a new roof installation with rooftop equipment as well a new Class ā€œEā€ System.

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