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Historic Theater Renovation

Entertainment & Exhibitions

Location 1697 Broadway, New York, NY

JRM Construction Management delivered this historic theater renovation. The 1920’s era, Manhattan-based theater is a 13-story brick building that was in dire need of an interior restoration and rehabilitation in order to preserve the iconic landmark. Many of the theater’s aesthetics were revamped and reengineered to not only bring the space’s utilities up to date, but to also maintain its artistic integrity. The palatial, plaster dome (original to the theater) was completely restored and fitted with new sound panels and rig points to harness the studio’s set and lighting trusses. The opulent stained glass ceiling was resuscitated with newly redesigned glass above and within the contours of the dome, and below the dome all new duct work and sound sails were installed.

The overall space was enlivened and enhanced with a state-of-the-art ETS control system and by repurposing existing basement storage space into new makeup, talent, and rewrite areas. A new steel structure was then erected to house talent dressing rooms backstage. Finally, three of the building’s existing office floors were demolished and renovated in just eight weeks completing the project and exceeding client expectations.

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