Corporate Interiors

Galaxy Digital

Financial Firm

Location 300 Vesey St, New York, NY

Project Size 36,000 SF

JRM Construction Management completed the build-out of stunning new offices for Galaxy Digital, a technology-driven financial services and investment management firm. One of the standout elements is the elevator lobby, which boasts a low-resolution media ceiling featuring text from cryptocurrency’s founding document scrolling across the screen in a Star Wars-style crawl.

The reception area features custom-designed walls adorned with 6-inch-deep plaster panels. Illuminated by low-output LED wall washers emitting a warm 3000-Kelvin glow, the tactile surface creates a visually stunning atmosphere. The new work areas incorporated sinuous glass partitions to create divisions while maintaining a connected atmosphere, and JRM installed long linear tubes containing wide-aperture LEDs into the graphic ceiling elements.

Additionally, JRM constructed multiple state-of-the-art conference rooms and a new central café that features rows of pendant lights interwoven with aluminum-linked chains to create a display that cleverly conceals ceiling-mounted systems.

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