Why Green Interiors Are an Office Trend

The health and well-being of the planet and its people are top of mind in the modern age. How we approach construction and interior design projects can significantly impact the environment and the individuals who use those spaces. It’s why green interiors are an office trend, with numerous businesses taking strides to incorporate sustainable building and design practices into the workplace.

Green Is the New Black in Office Interiors

Introducing more plant life into offices is excellent for the environment and your employees, but it can also take on several valuable functions within the space. These are just a few of the latest office interior design trends putting greenery to good use:

  • Sustainability-focused design: Many businesses want their office buildings to positively impact the environment and incorporate green roofs, eco-friendly gardens and indoor plants to improve the ecosystem.
  • Zoned interiors: Open-plan offices use potted plants and green walls to divide the space for different tasks, such as meetings, recreational activities and networking.
  • Nature indoors: Bringing plant life into the office brings employees closer to nature and adds to the aesthetics of the space through its natural beauty.
  • Relaxed environments: When surrounded by plant life and potted flowers, employees feel more comfortable and at home, making the work environment more appealing and less stressful.

Reasons to Incorporate Plants and Greenery at the Office

Adding greenery to your offices garners the following incredible benefits:

  • Enhanced efficiency and connection with the work environment, promoting accountability and ownership.
  • Happier and more motivated employees due to improved air quality and an aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Reduced employee sick days due to the plants filtering certain toxins from the air.
  • Elevated creativity levels are associated with stimulation of the senses through the presence of plants.
  • Better sound absorption, reducing noise and employee distractions in open-plan office spaces.
  • Reduced need for air conditioning due to the naturally cooling effects of indoor plants, resulting in less energy used.

Our First-Rate Green Office Design Projects

At JRM Construction Management, employing sustainable green building and interior design techniques is at the core of what we do. We have applied extensive and advanced sustainability practices to multiple large-scale office building projects nationwide, including the following:

Etsy Headquarters

As construction managers for this nine-story LBC Petal Certified Etsy Headquarters project, we included a green library and amenities to encourage carbon-neutral commuting via bicycle. We also incorporated numerous outdoor terraces lush with eco-friendly plant life, plenty of green walls and indoor plants to promote a healthier, happier work environment.

green wall at etsy office

Peloton Headquarters

Tasked with the fit-out of nine floors of Peloton’s high-tech office building, we employed our design-build services to create and remodel a host of spaces such as software labs, wellness rooms, interconnected staircases and a complete gym. We installed sizeable planters and interior gardens at various points on each floor and created eco-friendly exterior gardens on the terraces of two floors.

Contact JRM for Sustainable Construction Management and Interior Design

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office interior lounge