Pratt Institute

MEPS & Critical Infrastructure Base Building Upgrades

Location 200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY

JRM Construction Management completed critical infrastructure upgrades for Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. This substantial project included several major components, such as the installation of new boilers, a comprehensive overhaul of the existing structural plaza, and necessary repairs to the existing chimney. The project was executed in carefully planned phases, aligning the boiler replacement with the demolition and the opening of the boiler room roof.

In addition to these structural enhancements, the project incorporated advanced instrumentation to monitor system operations. This new instrumentation provided real-time and cumulative flow data to the control system. JRM’s scope of work extended to the installation of a new 600 Hp water tube system, modern gas-fired boilers, a state-of-the-art steam condensate tank, a de-aerator, boiler feedwater pumps, and central plant equipment. Furthermore, JRM carried out a comprehensive renovation of the fuel oil tank room, including the repair of existing ventilation systems, upgrading enclosures to meet NYC mechanical code requirements, implementing spill containment measures, incorporating fusible link valves, and installing new tank vents.

The project also included the installation of new leak and smoke detectors, spill containment devices, and the application of corrosion protection coatings to the tanks. Furthermore, significant structural enhancements were completed, with the chimney and stack receiving full-length pointing. This involved the addition of new structural steel within the boiler room and the introduction of new concrete and brickwork to the plaza area above.

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